Introducing Accident Detection and Response (ADR) by MDgo. The solution that puts insurers back in the driver’s seat, allowing them to control claim costs and delight drivers, all while protecting their privacy and potentially even saving lives.

What is



ADR uses virtual sensors to capture detailed crash data at the moment of impact.
Then, it automatically analyzes the data in the cloud, eliminating false indications positives and generating accurate damage and bodily injury reports.


With detailed, objective reporting in real time, insurers can tailor their response to the driver’s specific situation and needs - from delivering personalized services to sending detailed alerts to first responders that can potentially save lives.



Claims Payments Are on the Rise

In less than a decade, auto claims payments have skyrocketed by more than a third - with
no signs of slowing down.

Insurers Can’t Keep Costs in Check

Insurers are the Last to Notice the First Notice

For insurers today, the first notice of loss is often received only when a claim is submitted. So by the time the insurer is made aware of an accident, expenses have already been paid and claim costs are completely out of control.

The Answer: Automated FNOL? Not Exactly

The Adoption Problem

Drivers today simply don’t adopt crash sensors. Why? Because most of these sensors collect private data and track driver behavior via UBI.

The Result: No Control Over Costs
Enter ADR:

What Drivers Want.
What Insurers Need.


The Automated FNOL Drivers Love

With ADR, insurers receive real-time accident data that enables them to deliver hyper-personalized service, while alerting first responders so they can provide life-saving medical care. All without ever monitoring or tracking drivers.

Saving Drivers

In case of a severe accident, ADR sends first responders granular, real-time bodily injury reports, giving them crucial details needed
to provide the best possible life-saving care.


Using detailed, real-time reports, insurers respond to minor accidents with personalized services tailored to each passenger’s unique needs and specific situation.

Privacy Guaranteed

ADR is the only Auto-FNOL designed with adoption in mind. The MDgo Tag only collects and transmits data at the moment of impact.
So drivers ride easy knowing you’re helping protect them and their privacy.

The Result =
91% Adoption Rate with ADR
An Insurance

Turning Point


FNOL at Scale

Now that insurers have a solution drivers will adopt, they’ll finally achieve the scale needed
to truly benefit from Auto-FNOL.


First to Notice
the First Notice

With ADR, insurers get accurate, real-time FNOL with no false positives. So instead of playing catch up with claims in progress, insurers take the lead and stay two steps
ahead of the process.


Control Claims with Objective Reporting

ADR combines real-time sensor data with custom-built AI algorithms to deliver fully objective reports with zero human intervention. So costs are tied to facts,
not opinions.

Personalized Services

Delivering Customer Experience

Provide highly personalized services to your customers based on their unique situation and needs, right when they need help the most.


A Competitive Edge

ADR takes an industry-wide problem and flips it on its head. While competitors struggle to get drivers on board with UBI solutions they never even wanted, you'll give your customers exactly what they've always needed - a friction-free, privacy-protected solution that can even save their lives. All while delivering you the accurate, automated FNOL you need to keep claims costs under control.

start saving.

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