Chasing the data storm

MDGo uses vehicle data to measure the physical forces exerted upon occupants during a car crash. Within nine seconds of a crash, the company can send medical reports to hospitals and insurance companies.

Medi-cars: One company’s vision to improve crash victim care

MDGo Uses information gathered by a vehicle's numerous multiaxis accelerometers and other sensors during an accident in order to help predict the injuries inflicted on the occupants, and share this data with first responders so they're prepared to provide precisely the care needed.

Now your car can call an ambulance for you

New technology from MDGo automatically notifies dispatchers of car accidents requiring an ambulance. MDGo’s system determines the nature of an accident and the nature and extent of driver and passenger injuries expected, using a sophisticated algorithm.

How bicycle crash inspired doctor to launch startup

MDGo has developed an algorithm to show more clearly what forces would be at play during a crash to create reports within seconds to inform dispatchers, emergency room personnel and even insurance companies of what to expect so they can prepare treatment accordingly.

MDGo: Real time trauma analysis

One of the worst aspects of the job of a paramedic or EMT is uncertainty. That is until now. MDGo has developed a revolutionary, real-time trauma analysis system allowing emergency services to estimate the severity of the crash, the equipment and number of ambulances needed, and to put nearby ...

הסטארט–אפ שיציל חיים בתאונות דרכים

תאונת אופניים הובילה שלושה חברי ילדות מנצרת עילית להקים סטארט–אפ מציל חיים: חיישנים ברכב ידווחו תוך שניות על תאונת דרכים, מיקומה המדויק ואפילו סוג הפציעות