Our vision

Bridging the gap between automotive and healthcare, delivering data and medical insights to those who need it. Starting from emergency, all the way to well-being.

MDGo’s medical connected services enable any connected car to become a medical clinic, improving the occupants’ safety during their ride and delivering ongoing medical insights for multiple purposes

Our Team

Gilad Avrashi
Co-Founder & CTO
Eli Zerah
Co-Founder & VP R&D
Itay Bengad
Co-Founder & CEO
Shahar Samoelov
VP Business Development
Yuval Shalem
VP Product
Nilly Assia
Mordehai Eldad
Bio Mechanical Researcher
Yonatan Hanin
Software Architect
& Team Leader
Michal Chernyak
HR Manager
Eran Paz
Data Scientist
& Team Leader
Jonatan Berman
DevOps Engineer
Alex Kagan
Data Scientist
Eliana Barbel
Marketing Manager
Gabby Lang
Project Manager
Shay Dolev
Backend SW Engineer
Efrat Parpari
Backend SW Engineer
Einat Ehrlich
Principal Staff Officer
& Office Administration
Gabriel Lipschutz
Data Scientist
Lee Shterenshus
Data Analyst